domingo, 19 de outubro de 2008

Well, Here I am...

I have decided to start blogging. I really hate writing because I feel that my talent as a writer is comparable to that of a five year old. I can never quite stay on the same topic and my stories are neither clever nor funny. However, Everyone has a blog so that friends and complete strangers can see how everyone is doing, so I decided to write.
My name is Steve and there are a few variations of that name. There are stories as to how I received my family nickname, that I am still not 100% sure to the reason behind the name. Other variations of my name came about due to laziness or zaniness.
I was born Stephen (pronounced Steven, not Stefan) Louis Motown (the names have been slightly changed to protect the almost innocent), in Silly Saloon Mississippi to Bebop and Soda Motown. I had two siblings, a brother, Josephus, and a sister, Melinda. Upon my birth, Josephus and Melinda were ages three and two respectively. Needless to say it was rather difficult to say Stephen. And so the variations of my name began. The names were obviously cute because they were created by toddlers who had yet to master the art of diction. The deviations give were Tiba, Weed, Weeda-we and similar terms. The name that stuck for a few months was Teben-Lou.
With the joy of three children one of whom was recently dubbed Teben-Lou, my parents visited my dad's home town of Flatwoods, Kentucky and stayed at my Granny Dot's house. For some reason or another, my Granny called me, "Whiggy" and it stuck. The whole Morris Household called me Whig. My Pawpaw Woody got angry and said, "if you don't quit calling him that, everybody will start calling him that." As it happened everyone did. It wasn't a name that people used at school but anyone who knew my family would call me Whig. As I have aged I have started using it as my screen name or alias for many clubs or online accounts i.e. The Whigs (the family blog mostly edited by my Hot wife, Sarena) Whiggy42 (my old myspace screen name) and Whig Rock (If you don't recognize this one look at the top of the Page). So this is how I became Whig.
As I stated previously I have other name variations but these mostly came from laziness i.e. Steve, Stevo, Stevie. I know, it's not very clever but I'm a horrible writer, so live with it.
I am planning on updating this blog with various things that I see or do through out my life so if anyone is curious about anything about me, let me know and I'll see what I can do to help shed light on all that is Whig.

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Adhis disse...

OK, so I've got your full name, your birthplace, parents' names and town, wife's name, and siblings' names.

OK, now can I get your social security number, mailing address, and credit card number? It's just for a biography I'm writing about you. Really. My intentions are honorable.

(crosses fingers behind back)

Whiggy disse...

I didn't even notice, Thank You, my SSN is 713-24-1234
Mailing address:
Steve Motown
50000000000003 Stuck out my lip pkwy
Ank Morpork, DE 12345